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Ground Investigation

We have the capabilities to work on Live Petrol Station Forecourts and Fuel Terminals along with Petro-Chemical Plants. Our fleet of MTS Dino3’s and Vac-Tron units are fitted with Exhaust Spark Arrestor and Chalwyn Valve, for working in High Risk Areas.

Environmental Impact

Minimised damage to tree or shrub roots as the vacuum is able to remove the ground between them in conjunction with the Air Lance, therefore not affecting the underground environment. Less lorry movements to and from site – providing a reduction in the carbon footprint.

Main Benefits

The reduction of Utility Damages whilst excavating in the Highway and Footpath during Construction works. Increased productivity in comparison with conventional excavating methods in conjunction with increased safety. Self contained excavating team, leading to increased site cleanliness by tipping up to 8m3 of spoil in a designated area.

What our clients say

LCM Environmental is pleased to be associated with LMD Vacuum Excavation having worked with them over a number of years on many forecourt projects for major fuel companies. We have always found LMD reliable and trustworthy with a good health & safety culture and would recommend their services to other contractors.

LCM Environmental Limited

We have worked with LMD for many years providing them with equipment and support for their MTS Suction Systems. Their professional approach to the use and maintenance of the equipment has always been excellent and is illustrated by their continued investment in their own factory trained service personal and an ongoing policy of maintaining and supporting their equipment with only genuine MTS parts and service.

Russell Fairhurst - Managing Director , MTS Suction Systems UK Ltd

Having had Mick and his staff on several awkward and unusual jobs, I can genuinely say that their commitment is second to none!

Gary Vick - Director , GMEC Services