Latest Projects:

   New 12-month deal to supply a machine and operator to a utilities contractor.                       Works on an electricity substation in South Yorkshire.                       Major civils infrastructure project in the South West. Estimated contract value - £100k+.                       6-month utility pipe and connections replacement work in West Midlands. Estimated contract value - £50k+.                       Renewal of annual contract with utilities contractor in the North East – Estimated contract value - £200k.          
Mick Dysart - Director of LMD Vacuum Excavation

If you need safe, effective and environmentally friendly excavations, you need LMD Vacuum Excavations.

LMD is uniquely qualified to solve your vacuum excavation challenges. We have the UK’s largest fleets of specialised vacuum/suction excavators. More importantly, the LMD fleet is the UK’s most diverse and flexible. Our fleet includes high tip, left tip, right tip, power arm, none power arm, stainless steel skip, Vac-Tron wet system, tracked and triple fan units. LMD’s City Safe is Britain’s first vacuum excavator specifically designed for use in city centres.

We believe that over the next ten years vacuum excavation will become the standard excavation method on construction and utility projects. Furthermore, vacuum excavation is so safe and flexible that LMD has created a Special Projects Division to make it available across all industrial and commercial sectors.
With depots in Chesterfield, Stoke-on-Trent, Scotland and South Wales, all close to the UK’s motorway network, we are able to respond quickly to meet the needs of your specific project.

Call us today on 01246 768331 to discuss your project. We are a practical, problem-solving supplier; our culture is open and friendly. We look forward to working with you.

Mick Dysart | Managing Director





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