LMD works with utilities, multi-utility and framework contractors to help build, maintain and repair the UK’s gas, water, electricity and telecommunications infrastructure.

Utility trenches are often crowded with legacy pipes and cables. Much of the work takes place in cities and the urban environment where space is at a premium and reinstatement costs are high. Critically, a pipe or cable strike not only disrupts supply but can also cause serious injury to the operative and bystanders.

LMD is able to supply a vacuum excavator that matches the specific requirements of your project. Our fleet offers a variety of tipping options – Right Tip, Left Tip, High-Tip – and nozzle configurations. LMD’s Econic vacuum excavator, the first in the UK, has been specifically designed for use in busy urban environments. It is ideal, for example, for work on local distribution networks.

When site access is compromised, LMD is able to deploy one of its small, tracked units.

With over 40 suction excavators in its fleet, LMD is resourced to tackle all projects, from the largest to the smallest.