Special Projects Division

Our Special Projects Division has worked in petrol forecourts, boiler rooms and quarries. It has emptied freight train hoppers and ships’ holds. It has ‘cleaned out’ around industrial plant, quarry conveyors and recycling facilities. It has clients in the biomass, geotechnical and chemical industries. It is pioneering the use of vacuum excavation across a variety of industrial and commercial sectors.

Examples of the work undertaken by our Special Projects teams include:

In nuclear power generation, a sand-break pit may be used to temporarily store and ‘cool’ cooling water as it leaves the reactor building. LMD uses suction excavation to remove any build up of solids in the pit, thereby maintaining its effectiveness.

Landfill sites develop and grow over many years until their storage capacity is exhausted. The terrain on older landfill sites is often uneven and, understandably, soft and unstable. LMD has used one of its small tracked units to locate leachate and landfill gas manifolds that have been partially buried due to material build up over time.

Water treatment works, and particularly waste water treatment works, are often located in remote areas. There may be vehicular access to the works themselves, but the surrounding area could be open country, scrub, or agricultural land. LMD has used its ‘master and slave’ combination of a triple fan unit working in tandem with a tracked unit to excavate trenches for a drain that extended 200m from the treatment works.


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Case Studies

Special Projects Division

Vacuum Excavation being used on an hospital roof