About LMD Vacuum Excavation


LMD Vacuum Excavation is one of the pioneers of vacuum excavation in the UK. Mick Dysart, Founder and Managing Director, invested in his first vacuum excavator way back in 2012. We continue to invest heavily in the maintenance of our existing fleet and in new additions.

LMD - Our first vacuum excavator

2012 – Mick invests in our first vacuum excavator


LMD is led by practical, problem-solving engineers. Our culture is open, friendly and collaborative. We are proud that many of our customers have been with us from the start of our journey.

Construction, highways and utilities

We have worked with the UK’s leading construction, highways and utility companies. Vacuum excavation is already well-established on highways projects, where traffic disruption needs to be minimised, and in the construction of water, gas and electricity networks. Avoiding the catastrophic human and financial costs of cable strikes has been one of the key drivers in the acceptance of vacuum excavation as a safe and cost -effective alternative to conventional mechanical excavation methods.

Special projects

Our Special Projects Division has worked in petrol forecourts, boiler rooms and quarries. It has emptied freight train hoppers and ships’ holds. It has ‘cleaned out’ around industrial plant, quarry conveyors and recycling facilities. It has clients in the biomass, geotechnical and chemical industries. It is pioneering the use of vacuum excavation across a variety of industrial and commercial sectors.

The diversity and flexibility of our fleet has enabled us to solve virtually every challenge our clients have given us.


LMD has four operations depots in Chesterfield (Head Office), Stoke-on -Trent, Scotland and South Wales. All are located alongside the UK’s motorway network.
We have worked on projects with our clients across the length and breadth of the country.