Our Fleet

LMD is uniquely qualified to solve your vacuum excavation challenges. We have the UK’s most diverse and flexible fleet of vacuum excavators. It includes high tip, left tip, right tip, power arm, none power arm, stainless steel skip, Vac-Tron wet system, tracked and triple fan units.

We work with you to ensure you get the best solution. Key project variables to consider could include ground conditions, site access, tipping constraints, distance from the vacuum system to the excavation site, depth of excavation, optimising productivity and environmental factors.

We have outlined below the key benefits of each of our vacuum excavation variants. If you need to know more, simply call us on 01246 768331.

LMD - City Safe Urban System

LMD’s fleet includes the City Safe, the first vacuum excavator designed specifically for use in towns and cities. The City Safe incorporates features that improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and the driver themselves. These include the Direct Vision cab with panoramic glazing, low entry and exiting, and image and sensor-based safety assistance.

You can read more about the City Safe by clicking here.

LMD Right Tip

Right-tip is the default on standard vacuum systems. It enables the operator to discharge the excavated load into a skip or similar located to the right of the vacuum excavator.

LMD Left Tip

Left-tip is often specified for highway works where excavated materials are tipped onto the hard shoulder or kerbside. This minimises the excavation footprint and reduces traffic disruption and increasing production.

LMD High Tip

High-tip vehicles are able to discharge excavated material straight into, for example, an eight-wheel tipper truck. Used in this way, high-tip enables the vacuum excavator to optimise productivity on site.

LMD - Power Arm

All LMD vacuum excavators have hydraulically-assisted hose arms. Standard power arms, often referred to as ‘floppies’, are limited to ‘in-out’ and ‘left-right’ movement. The operator manually ‘controls’ or ‘locates’ the end of the hose in the excavation.

A power arm can be controlled remotely in every plane by the operator, right down to the end of the hose.

LMD - Height and slew restrictors

When working alongside live traffic, or under overhead cables, it is best practice to ensure the vacuum excavator’s hydraulic arm is restricted to ensure health and safety on site. LMD is able to provide vacuum excavators equipped with height and slew restrictors

LMD - Hydrostatic Power Systems

Hydrostatic power systems enable the operator to slowly move the vacuum excavator forwards and backwards without being in the cab. This ensures continuous excavation can be maintained. Hydrostatic power systems are often specified on, for example, highways projects where excavations can extend for several miles.

LMD - Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

Vacuum excavators are ideally suited for work on contaminated land. Due to the toxic nature of excavated material on some contaminated sites, LMD has excavators equipped with stainless steel storage tanks.

LMD - Triple Fan

Triple fan machines are the most powerful in the LMD fleet.

LMD - Tracked

LMD has two tracked vacuum excavation units. Tracked units are used when site access is limited and where ground conditions are unsuitable for standard vehicles.

LMD - Master and Slave

LMD has pioneered the use of a ‘parent’ triple fan vacuum excavator working in tandem with a ‘child’ tracked unit. This combination extends the maximum reach, i.e. the distance from the excavation to the vacuum system, to 200m.

LMD - Vac-Tron Chathill for Wet Excavation

The Vac-Tron wet excavation system is used for ground investigations and coring. It is also ideal for work in petrol forecourts and chemical plants.