Construction and Plant-hire Association


CPA Membership

In 2016, Mick Dysart, LMD Managing Director, was a founder member of SAVE (Suction and Vacuum Excavator Interest Group), a special interest group within the Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA).  The primary focus of SAVE is to develop and promote safe working practices across the industry.

The Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) is the leading membership and representative body for construction plant-hire in the UK. Established for 80 years, they now have in excess of 1,800 Members. These ranging from owner operators with a single machine, right through to the largest companies in the industry, with hire fleets of thousands of machines.

The CPA is the UK’s principal point of contact for all issues relating to use of construction plant. CPA works with government departments and agencies, regional and local authorities, construction clients and contractors, other trade associations, leadership and skills bodies, third-sector organisations etc. Through its extensive contacts, and with access to a range of industry experts and experience.

The CPA can help with resolution of issues including:

  • Employee health and safety
  • Machinery standards and emissions control
  • Public safety and road transport
  • Skills and employment
  • Other issues affecting the plant world

The CPA places a great importance on health, safety, welfare and environmental matters for both employers, employees and technical issues. By working closely with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and industry leadership bodies on both policy and implementation matters.

The association has been instrumental in developing and publishing a large range of safety-related publications and is a champion for low emission industry strategies. HSE specialists are an integral part of the work of all CPA’s Special Interest Groups and Plant Safety Groups.