LMD Vacuum Excavation adds Britain‘s first urban vacuum excavator to it’s fleet

LMD Vacuum Excavation has taken delivery of Britain’s first vacuum excavator built specifically for use in towns and cities. The Citysafe incorporates features that improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and the driver themselves. These include the DirectVision* cab with panoramic glazing, low entry and exiting, and image and sensor-based safety assistance.

Vacuum excavation (also referred to as suction excavation) enables holes to be dug without the need for mechanical diggers. In urban environments where there is a high density of utility infrastructure – water and gas pipelines; electricity and telecoms cables – the use of vacuum excavation eliminates pipe bursts and cable strikes. Bursts and strikes cause huge disruption to utility services and potentially life-threatening danger to operatives and the general public.

The Econic* cab on LMD’s Citysafe provides a low seating position for the driver. Combined with the full-height glazed door on the passenger side, this provides the driver with direct eye-contact with cyclist, pedestrians and motorists. The full-height glazed door – from wheel to cab top – concertinas to ensure safe opening and avoid potential accidents. Safety is also enhanced by a mirror system that extends the driver’s field of vision to include the vacuum excavator’s operating area and blind spots.

Mick Dysart, Managing Director, believes the introduction of the Citysafe vacuum excavator is a significant development:

‘I have been involved with vacuum excavation since it was first introduced into the UK in the early 2000s. At LMD we have built up the most varied and flexible fleet in the UK. We work nationally on both standard vacuum excavation and special projects. The Citysafe enables us to work even more safely in the heart of Britain’s towns and cities. I firmly believe that within a few years vacuum excavation will become the norm. The Citysafe is a huge positive step in that direction.’

To hire LMD’s Citysafe vacuum excavator, or simply to find out how vacuum excavation can make your projects safer and more effective, simply call us on 01246 768331.

*DirectVision and Econic are trademarks of Mercedes Benz

LMD - Citysafe Econic
LMD - Citysafe Econic
LMD - Citysafe Econic