LMD employee becomes qualified driver assessor for the company

LMD employee, Dan Griffiths passes RHA course with exceeding results.

Dan Griffiths, Training and Compliance Supervisor has passed the RHA (Road Haulage Association) assessment. This means that he is now a qualified driving assessor for LMD Vacuum Excavation Ltd.

The RHA course spanned over 2 days in total and taught Dan how to assess employee’s driving and the theory behind it. As well as this, it included a big insight into drivers’ hours, working time directives, legislations, and the Highway Code.

For Dan to pass this course, he had to complete 3 different assessments: 2 physical assessments and 1 theory assessment.

During day one, an introduction, presentations and daily checks were all completed. Then, it was time for both Dan and the instructor to hit the road in one of LMD’s 32T Vacuum Excavators.

Whilst out on the road, Dan’s driving was assessed as he needed to be up to standard, to assess other employees. Then the instructor demonstrated safe, fuel-efficient driving and the best way to use the truck to its full capabilities.

During day two, it was time for Dan to complete the theory test. This test included 60 questions and needed at least 90% to pass. Amazingly, Dan passed with an incredible 98%.

After passing this section, both Dan and the instructor moved onto the next stage. Dan needed to assess the instructors driving and pinpoint mistakes that were made, then explain how these would be avoided / what needs to be done differently. Dan also passed this section.

We asked Dan how he found the course overall, and he said “It was very informative but quite difficult. However, I did find it very enlightening”.

After successfully passing the RHA assessment, Dan is now a qualified driving assessor for LMD Vacuum Excavation. This means that he can now take new starters and employees out for driving assessments and ensure that they’re all safe and are driving efficiently.

In addition to this, he is also able to train individuals up if they need extra training on certain areas, such as manual gear boxes or left-hand drives etc. Or, if any employee has any road incidents, then he will be able to assess them after the incident to find out what went wrong, if anything.

All of us at LMD Vacuum Excavation Ltd are incredibly proud and thrilled for Dan and the accomplishment that he has achieved. We look forwards to what the future brings for us all here in 2023.