LMD Vacuum Excavation tackle steep cliff face in Dawlish

LMD Vacuum Excavation were tasked with an excavation, down a 25m cliff face in Dawlish.

LMD received an enquiry about completing some excavation works, which included clearing some debris behind black netting that was located 25m down a steep cliff face, in Dawlish.

After a few conversations with our customer, LMD decided to take their All Terrain, all wheel drive to the job, plus extensions to enable the work to be completed down the cliff.

LMD managed to complete these works within 1 day – however faced a few complications. Due to the safety behind this job, LMD employees were unable to go down the cliff themselves. Therefore, had to inform trained workers on how to operate the machine whilst they were harnessed to the steep cliff.

Through the use of radio communication, LMD guided the workers step-by-step on how to aid the 24m of extensions that were connected to the All Terrain from the top of the cliff.

One of LMD’s employees said: “It was really hard and uncomfortable because whilst watching the lads down the cliff, doing the work. We also had to communicate really well where to put the extensions and how to get the debris out, in a safe way”. 

Through dedication, the right practices, and the knowledge of LMD’s employees – we managed to complete the works in a safe manner.

Our All Terrain is brilliant for off-road jobs, such as this one in Dawlish. If you would like to know more, you can view more over in our fleet.