Rediscovering Atlantis in…Skegness

Atlantis started life as a fictional island in works by the Greek philosopher, Plato. It also lends its name to the Atlantis Adventure Golf attraction in Skegness which opened its fairways to visitors in 2019.

Skegness has long been a family holiday resort and its claims to fame include being the location for the first Butlins in 1936 and the first crazy golf course in England in 1926. Skegness is blessed with a fabulous long, flat and sandy beach and Atlantis Adventure Golf sits just the other side of the beachfront promenade. Due to its location, Atlantis Adventure Golf is open to sand being blown inshore by the prevailing winds. Such was the severity of winds in in 2020 and 2021 that Atlantis was literally ‘lost’ beneath a thick blanket of sand which was up to 6’ deep in parts.

LMD was called to site and tasked with removing the excess of sand so Atlantis could open its doors to visitors for the 2021 summer season. Atlantis wasn’t designed with access for a vacuum excavator in mind so the unit had to sit alongside the attraction with hose extensions enabling Liam, the nozzleman, to navigate dolphins, clam shells, shipwrecks and a submarine.

In total, over three days, almost 600 tonnes of sand was removed before Atlantis revealed itself again.

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