A day in the life of an LMD Vacuum Excavator Operator

The LMD Annual Review 2021-22 featured a photo-montage illustrating a typical – or fairly typical – day in the life of an LMD Vacuum Excavator operator. Hover over the image below and click on the arrow to advance the the montage.

  • Tachograph

    The first thing a driver does on their shift is insert their Tachograph Card into the Tachograph unit.

    A Tachograph stores all relevant driver data required by the law. LMD operates EU rules on drivers’ hours.

  • Walk Round

    The Vac Ex Driver does a ‘walk round’. This requires the driver to walk around the Vac Ex to check it and make sure external features – such as lights, cameras and sensors – are working.

  • Drive to site

    The driver drives to the customer’s site

  • Site induction

    After parking up, the Driver signs into the site and completes any site inductions

  • Additional safety checks

    Once the inductions are completed, the Driver undertakes additional safety checks to ensure the vac ex is running smoothly and safely.

  • Liaise with client

    The driver talks to the site manager about the work to be completed. This information ensures the driver is able to complete the job to the customer’s satisfaction.

  • Work begins

    The driver sets to work and undertakes the required excavation

  • Trench excavation

    On this project, the Driver has excavated a trench for the customer so they can extend the pavement and add a crossing.

  • Further instruction

    After completing the trench, the Driver speaks to the Site Manager and they agree the works for the rest of the day.

  • Sign off

    The Driver ensures all site paperwork is completed and signed by the Site Manager.

  • Fuel and clean

    The Driver returns to the LMD yard. They make sure the fuel tank is topped up and the vacuum excavator is cleaned inside and out, ready for the next day.