LMD supports employee’s family on Minibike Championship

LMD Vacuum Excavation is proud to support one of our employees, Dan on his son’s minibike adventure.

Tyler has been racing since he was 6 years old, and without the help of LMD providing one of our vans for transport and the fuel to get to all his races and training, he would struggle to attend.

Currently riding 2 bikes; a Husqvarna 85cc and a Bucci 140cc, Tyler has just won the 2022 British Minibike Championship by an incredible 104-point gap from 2nd place at age 10.

Out of 8 rounds, Tyler won 7 of them. Then with a total of 23 races, he went on to win 18! Despite having some injuries in the past such as a broken arm and a broken ankle. This hasn’t stopped him from continuing with what he enjoys the most!

We’re incredibly proud here at LMD of how far Tyler has come and what he has accomplished. Here’s to 2023 and him becoming 2 x champion in the youth junior class!