What is Vacuum Excavation?

Vacuum Excavation (vac ex) is a safer, lower risk and more efficient alternative to traditional excavation methods.

In essence, any operation that involves excavating with high risks of line strikes and utility damage, vacuum excavation is the go-to option!

By combining high-pressure water with an air vacuum, these excavators can remove enormous amounts of unwanted material from an area with minimal damage. Vacuum Excavation can work within Utilities, Construction, Highways and so much more! Here are just some of the benefits of using Vac Ex:

  • Less invasive technology and faster results when compared to traditional methods of excavation and older excavation equipment.
  • Virtually no digging involved, and because water isn’t used to blast dirt loose, the dirt that is suctioned away can usually be used as backfill.
  • High precision suction and locating, meaning lower risks of personal injury or work site issues such as hitting electricity or sewer pipes.
  • Vacuum Excavation requires less manpower when compared to conventional digging equipment and methods. Therefore, is more cost efficient.
  • Dirt and dust are stored in the vacuum excavation trucks’ debris tank, keeping the area clean and providing minimal disruption to traffic and the public. Until tipped into an agreed area.
  • A vacuum truck is also a far gentler form of equipment and doesn’t pose as much of a threat to personnel or the environment.

Vacuum Excavation is becoming a highly popular form of excavation, with its’ safety benefits, cost-efficiency, and benefits on the environment.

LMD Vacuum Excavation has a wide range of machines that can be used for all excavation needs – as we are a solution provider and will always find the best solution for all our customers.