The RIVARD EXVAC joins the LMD fleet!

The RIVARD EXVAC has made its debut into the UK and Ireland, as it joins the LMD Vacuum Excavation fleet. The EXVAC is the first of many in the UK and Ireland!

LMD Vacuum Excavation are now the dealership for the RIVARD EXVAC throughout the UK and Ireland, which is a huge accomplishment within itself for the company.

You can get in contact with our RIVARD sales manager, James for more information on 07832 112522 or email him: 

RIVARD has developed a high-performance suction excavator model. The EXVAC is a suction truck which enables quick and safe excavation via suction in high or low congestion areas such as underground networks or for public works use: urban areas, streets and pavements.

This site machine runs on the hydrodynamic vortex principle. The specific feature of this vacuum excavation utility is that it can tilt to the left during the tipping phase to empty a skip, making it very practical.

This type of public works (PW) utilities also has a host of applications in the industry and environment sectors.

The EXVAC benefits from all RIVARD’s experience and offers excellent productivity, ergonomics, reliability and safety. The choice of the pump, the location of the filters, the transmission system, the design of the bucket, the articulation of the arm, the ease of access for maintenance, everything is thought to optimize the yields, to make the equipment reliable and to increase its operating life.

You can view some of the USP’s here.

We are planning for the EXVAC to be giving demos and showing what it can do in the next coming weeks! The capabilities of the EXVAC are phenomenal. If you would like to see a demo of the EXVAC or learn more about the capabilities of this machine, get in touch with James!

LMD is incredibly excited for the future and what is to come. We are grateful for the partnership with RIVARD and look forward to working with them more in the future.