Meet the LMD team: Jason Fletcher – Plant Manager

Jason Fletcher joined LMD Vacuum Excavation as a fitter in 2019. Since then, Jason has been promoted to Plant Manager and has built up a team of skilled and semi-skilled fitters to service, maintain and repair LMD’s ever-growing fleet of vacuum excavators.

Jason is Chesterfield born and bred. He learnt his trade at Chesterfield College where he qualified in motor vehicle engineering, working alongside Mick Dysart, LMD Vacuum Excavation’s Managing Director.

Jason subsequently spent 15 years maintaining forestry and agricultural equipment on the Duke of Devonshire’s Chatsworth Estates. This was followed by 15 years as both a driver and supervisor on Chesterfield’s buses. During both jobs, Jason also worked on the tractors and other machinery for a local farm.

Jason has really enjoyed the challenge of finding out how vacuum excavators work and how best to minimise any downtime:

‘You can divide the plant into two elements: the chassis and the vacuum excavation body. I have worked on truck chassis in one shape or form for over thirty years, however the vacuum excavation side of things was completely new to me.

Vacuum excavators are really interesting pieces of plant to work on. You need to have an understanding of electrical, electronic, hydraulic and mechanical engineering to really get to grips with them.

One of the factors that sets LMD apart from the competition is the versatility of its fleet; right tip, left tip, high tip, power arm, triple fan, tracked excavators, wet excavators, six-wheel drive and more. This variety keeps the team on its toes.

We have recently refurbished the very first vacuum excavator that Mick bought, an 07 plate. The skip and the lid rarely get the opportunity to dry out completely so part of the works included major welding and metalwork to replace corroded or damaged elements. In general, however, the excavator was in excellent condition and we are expecting many more years of active and intensive use from it.’

To accommodate the growth in the fleet and increased utilisation rates, Jason is introducing split shift working to increase the ability of LMD’s fitters to meet demand.

Outside LMD and his work on the farm, Jason likes to chill out with his family and dog, a springer spaniel called Millie:

‘As a puppy, like all spaniels, Millie was boisterous and a bit bonkers. She’s three-years old now, though, and has calmed down a lot.’