LMD works through the night on emergency roadside telephone project

Orange emergency roadside telephones (ERT) are located at mile intervals across the UK’s motorway network. The cables that link these phones are often housed in ducting which may, at times, need to run under the motorway or slip road from one side to another.

LMD Vacuum Excavation recently worked for a specialist contractor undertaking upgrade works on the ERT system on the M66. LMD was tasked with exposing the two ends of a communications duct so that additional cables could be installed.

The work had to be undertaken at night as that was the only time the slip road, under which the cable ran, could be closed to other traffic. Vacuum excavation was chosen for the project because impact damage caused by, for example, mechanical excavation could prove costly in financial terms, in time delays and in a diminished service for stranded motorists.

LMD was recommended to the specialist contractor by the principal contractor for the project.

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