Removing sand and shingle using the long reach Mega Arm

LMD Vacuum Excavation deployed a 32t triple fan vacuum excavator with a long reach Mega Arm to remove sand and shingle that had built up around and under the hinge mechanism of a ferry loading bridge in Scotland.

Over time sand and shingle had built up around and under the hinge mechanism that enables the loading bridge to be raised and lowered. LMD Vacuum Excavation was called in to clear the sand and shingle and ensure the bridge was able to operate freely.

The LMD vacuum excavator was driven onto the loading bridge with the Meg Arm enabling it to reach down below the bridge and remove the sand and shingle. To work on the other side, the vacuum excavator was simply reversed on to the loading bridge. As the ferry continued in service throughout the operation, LMD vacated the bridge as and when required to keep the access open.

The ferry loading bridge project is the first generated directly by a client visiting LMD’s new website:


A word of praise for the vacuum excavator operator, Dale Bennett, who proved once again what an excellent ambassador he is for LMD and for the benefits of vacuum excavation in general. Dale has been with LMD since the business started in 2012

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