Excavating connection pits on the UK water network

LMD Vacuum Excavations has the most flexible and diverse fleet of vacuum excavators in the UK. It tackles a huge variety of projects. Much of its work, however, is won because it offers the client the most cost-effective solution.

The project featured in this case study is just one example of the type of work LMD undertakes every day across the United Kingdom. The client is a water company which has contracted LMD to excavate connection pits across its region. The pits enable the water company to make new connections to its network of water mains.

Mick Dysart is LMD’s Managing Director:

‘Planning and flexibility are the key to being able to deliver this type of work effectively. The flexibility comes from having one of the UK’s largest fleet of vacuum excavators. This gives us the capacity to respond to fluctuations in demand.’

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