Trenching for a new water main in Yorkshire

LMD Vacuum Excavation has the most diverse fleet of vacuum excavators in the UK. This versatility was critical on a recent trenching project in Yorkshire.

A new water main was required to supply water to a high-density housing development. The route of the water main ran inside the curtilage of the site and access was restricted due to ongoing building works and the storage of construction materials. The trenching required to accommodate the water main was 210m long.

The site constraints meant that LMD had to alternate between right and left-tipping vacuum excavators as the project demanded. It was LMD’s ability to provide vacuum excavators that were fit for purpose that was the deciding factor in the award of the project.

A previous contractor using traditional excavation techniques had hit an electricity cable which could potentially have led to a major injury or even a fatality. LMD was drafted in and supplied the required vacuum excavators to enable the water main to be installed and connected within a very tight timescale.

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