Removal of sand from valve chambers on the medium-pressure gas network

Medium pressure gas networks distribute gas to industrial, commercial and domestic properties. Some of the valve chambers on the network are loctaed in remote and inaccessible areas. LMD Vacuum Excavation’s tracked Ivac vacuum excavator is the ideal solution for these projects.

Valve chambers are located at strategic points on the network and the valves they house will need inspection and maintenance work undertaken on them from time to time. Over the years, some of the chambers may fill with sand, gravel and other materials. Using vacuum excavation means workers don’t have to be deployed into the confined space of the chamber wearing breathing apparatus.

LMD’s Ivac is a tracked suction excavator able to access remote sites. If the volume of material to be removed is large, LMD has adapted an Ivac to work as a slave unit. The slave unit is located at the excavation site and is linked to the master unit – one of LMD’s triple fan six-axle vacuum excavators – up to 150m away.

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