LMD adds road sweeper to its fleet

LMD Vacuum Excavation has added a road sweeper to its fleet. The road sweeper will work alongside LMD’s vacuum excavators, particularly on housing developments. It is also available to hire separately.

The road sweeper is a Johnson VT651. It is equipped with twin channel brushes and a wide sweep brush. The specification also includes a roof-mounted ø150mm wanderhose and a high-pressure water jetting system. The full specification will soon be available to download from the LMD website (www.lmdvacuumexcavation.co.uk).

Mick Dysart, LMD Managing Director, is delighted by the new recruit:

‘We are, and always will be, a vacuum excavator specialist. We are, however, frequently being asked by housing developer clients whether we can supply both an excavator and a sweeper.

To date, with the exception of when it was being fitted out with its LMD livery, the sweeper has never been idle.

I’m happy we can now provide our clients with the option of having the sweeper and vacuum excavators working in parallel.’

To find out more about LMD, its fleet of vacuum excavators (the most flexible in the UK) and its new road sweeper simply call Mick Dysart on 01246 768331 or email mick@lmdvacuumexcavation.co.uk.

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