Hospital Roof Refurbishment

Vacuum Excavation being used on an hospital roof

A hospital building in Cheshire urgently required the covering on its flat roof to be replaced. The first step was to remove the existing stone ballast and accumulated debris from the roof.

Using a triple fan vacuum excavator equipped with extension pipework, LMD completed the roof clearance works in seven days. The client estimated the traditional alternative – manual labour (three-man team), installation of conveyors and rubbish chutes – would have taken six times as long. Furthermore, it would have caused far more disruption to patients and healthcare delivery.

Vehicular access to the site was restricted and required the hose arm on the excavator to be very precisely positioned. Over 60m of extension pipework was needed to gain access to all parts of the roof. One of LMD’s fleet of triple fan vacuum excavators was deployed to ensure there was sufficient power to accommodate the pipework whilst maintaining suction.

To ensure continuous working, spoil was tipped from the vacuum excavator’s onboard tank into low-sided skips.

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